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Record Shop Day

Posted on | April 17, 2012 | Comments Off

There is a country wide campaign in the UK to keep our record shops alive and kicking, it culminates in a series of events all around the country this weekend. Our record shops are a declining breed, with iTunes and even illegal downloading of music having a detrimental impact on the number of people actually visiting the shops themselves. Some might say that it’s just the way things are, with many high street shops closing down as people buy more and more over the internet, but it would really be a shame if we completely lost the ability to wander into town and browse the new releases, not to mention the often fanatical help we receive from the staff and owners of the smaller independent music shops.

So, if you are wondering what to do this weekend, see if your local independent record shop is doing anything. Ours has several bands playing at the club next door with special editions available in the shop, the bands are also going to be available for signings.

Finding a Band for your Party

Posted on | December 5, 2011 | Comments Off

There are loads of great bands out there, and I really do mean loads! They cover all kinds of genres from rock to pop and punk to classical, so how do you find a truly great band to play at a corporate event, private party or wedding reception?

Step 1 – It’s NOT who you know

Whilst your son probably has friends who are in a band and are possibly very popular when they play gigs for local teenagers, remember they are not used to playing for your audience, so be very cautious about booking them, they probably play the type of music which appeals to shoe gazing teenagers, and if this isn’t the audience who are going to be attending your fancy ball or wedding, don’t book them. They will almost definitely not play the kind of music which keeps a dancefloor going all night.

Step 2 – Dig Deep

The kind of party band who you want for your event are probably professional musicians who make their living from music and have done for a long time, the reason they have done this is because they are good enough to be invited back time and time again. They will also have their own professional equipment, and I don’t just mean the guitars and drums, they will have a full PA system and lighting, and these don’t come cheap, well, certainly not for good quality gear. So be prepared to spend some money on booking a good party band.

Step 3 -Book well in advance

The type of band you are looking for will probably be booked solid for the next few months and certainly have other dates booked well into the future, so if you leave it until the last minute you may find you are disappointed in who you can get. Remember that a lot of corporate events and weddings are in the planning a year of so before the date, so unless your event is on a Tuesday night in January or you are happy to settle for the bands who have plenty of availability (and you have to wonder why) get in there as soon as you can, they will probably take a provisional booking while you make sure that all the other key elements, like the venue and caterers are also free that day.

Step 4 – Check their Reviews

With the internet and technology available to us these days, it’s so easy for people to write reviews about good and bad experiences with almost anything, party bands are no exception. Google and a wide range of other sites allow people to log in and write a review, any band who has loads of good reviews is probably worth talking to.

You will probably also find that many party bands have published music on their own website and or videos on youtube, have a look and make sure they are professional, well turned out and are playing the right kind of music for your audience.

Putting on a private party or organising a wedding reception is no small task, but getting the right band booked up, playing the right music can make it go well, even if the catering is not up to scratch!

Black Sabbath tour 2012

Posted on | November 18, 2011 | Comments Off

Would you believe it, the original line up of the brummie rock band Black Sabbath are reforming and playing a series of live gigs in 2012! These were one of the first bands I was ever really into as a kid, so I can see myself venturing out to see if they can still bang them out like they used to!

Of course in true rock n roll style, this isn’t their first reunion, they did it back in 1999, again with all the original members and even brought out a reunion album.

They are said to be working on some new material, which, although is probably what they want to do, after all this time I and I expect all the other fans out there would trather hear all the old classics, Paranoid, Iron Man etc.

Ozzy Ozbourne is going to be interesting to see, or should I say hear, if his singing is anything like his taking these days it could be quite a long drawn out gig!

Anyway, I for one am looking forward to seeing Ozzy, Tony Iomi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward palying live, so will be keeping an eye open for concert tickets going on sale.

Getting a Record Deal for your Band

Posted on | March 16, 2011 | Comments Off

How to get a record deal

I suppose I should start off by making it clear that although I have used the term “record deal” I mean any kind of medium, so CD’s and mp3′s too, it’s just easier to use a general term which everyone knows. Although the ability for bands to make their own professional recordings on relatively cheap home studio equipment these days, means that you don’t necessarily need a record company involved any more to get your music out there, although long term success and rapid growth would still require one, as this would provide much larger budgets for promotion and contacts for tours and distribution, which you could only dream of without them.

For most it’s wishful thinking that you can be playing a gig in some local venue and the talent scout saunters up and asks your party band to sign on the dotted line there and then. I’m sure it does happen occasionally (well not the signing as such, but the being “found”) although like most people they will do their job the easiest way possible, so only go to concerts they want to and research everything else on the internet.

So what are they looking for in a good band, well, it doesn’t really matter how good you are if people don’t get to hear you, so hard work is key, get out there and play gigs, get some material up on the web and let people download it too, you just never know who may like it and play it to someone else.

You need to sustain your band too, playing a concert has certain costs associated with iot, you need to recoup these as a minimum, although making a few pounds on top shouldn’t be out of the question for a talented band, even a new one.  Many band members will play session work in other bands to help make a career from music, paying at weddings, corporate functions and private parties, altho0ugh this probably isn’t what you aspire to be doing, it does allow you to make a healthy living out of your music. I doubt anyone would argue that it’s got to be more fun than stacking shelves at your local supermarket!

Believe it or not, it’s said that sending your demo’ out is not the right way to get the interest of a record company, but instead to strive for media interest, as the A&R man will then follow the story, and actually find your band for himself.  It sounds a little strange, but the whole “I discovered them” mentality which goes with this method of getting on their books will guarantee that your label is doing all they can to support and grow your band.

So the upshot of this really is that you must work hard, play live as often as you can, market the band yourself and  having talent really goes without saying!

For a great party band, private function band or wedding bands in Swindon, Wiltshire consider booking Pop of Ages, a professional band from the South West of England

How about some Vocals

Posted on | February 18, 2011 | Comments Off

Whether you’re a complete beginner or professional. Maybe you want to sing at a Birthday party, karaoke? We can help you to overcome your nerves so that you really can achieve your goal.

You’ll learn professional skills which will improve the way you sing for ever. The approach we use is is adaptable and straightforward and you will learn how to increase and control your vocal power. You may even surprise yourself!

This plan, whether as a beginner or an experienced singer in a band can greatly help your development, career and well being. Once the plan has been completed you will embark on an hourly tuition each week whilst completing your music production and development.

Many singers believe if they do not perform regularly they do not need to worry about vocal health and singing “properly.” Unfortunately one impromptu performance and improper vocal belt on that high note can cause irreparable vocal damage.

A more common condition and resultant situation, however, is Vocal Hyperfunction and Muscle Tension Dysphonia, or hoarseness. If the membranes or surrounding tissues are swollen (or contain lumps or tears), hoarseness will occur. While the damaging effects of infrequent hoarseness are not usually permanent, hoarseness is a sign of significant vocal abuse or fatigue and should not be ignored.

Lets Get It Started

Posted on | February 18, 2011 | Comments Off

Equally choosing a music producer, sound engineer or artist development promoter who you can work well with and who understands your music objectives and goals is of immense importance

Music production and promotion studios we understand that getting the best possible recording is one of the most important things a band , solo artist or company needs to achieve.

a professional music production and remix and recording studio working from 2 studios, we offer clients cost effective music production and promotional packages to help develop artists sound, image and marketability. We will provide you with award winning producers and expert recording facilities that you will feel comfortable. More…

Pop Group development. Whether you need help in starting your career or you are someone who performs regularly, we can pick you up at whatever spot you’re at and take you to the point where your music is heard by the right people in the music industry. More…..

Our services:

* Award Winning Music Production, Recording and Remixing
* Professional Demos
* High Quality Mastering
* Vocal Tuition
* Artist Media Press Packs
* Artist Biographies
* Photo-Shoots
* Image, Style and Colour Consultants
* Make-Up Artists
* PR and Marketing Campaigns
* Specialist Promotional Packages
* Graphic Design – CD & Booklet Design, Flyers and Posters
* CD Duplication/Replication

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