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Black Sabbath tour 2012

Posted on | November 18, 2011 | Comments Off

Would you believe it, the original line up of the brummie rock band Black Sabbath are reforming and playing a series of live gigs in 2012! These were one of the first bands I was ever really into as a kid, so I can see myself venturing out to see if they can still bang them out like they used to!

Of course in true rock n roll style, this isn’t their first reunion, they did it back in 1999, again with all the original members and even brought out a reunion album.

They are said to be working on some new material, which, although is probably what they want to do, after all this time I and I expect all the other fans out there would trather hear all the old classics, Paranoid, Iron Man etc.

Ozzy Ozbourne is going to be interesting to see, or should I say hear, if his singing is anything like his taking these days it could be quite a long drawn out gig!

Anyway, I for one am looking forward to seeing Ozzy, Tony Iomi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward palying live, so will be keeping an eye open for concert tickets going on sale.


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