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How about some Vocals

Posted on | February 18, 2011 | Comments Off

Whether you’re a complete beginner or professional. Maybe you want to sing at a Birthday party, karaoke? We can help you to overcome your nerves so that you really can achieve your goal.

You’ll learn professional skills which will improve the way you sing for ever. The approach we use is is adaptable and straightforward and you will learn how to increase and control your vocal power. You may even surprise yourself!

This plan, whether as a beginner or an experienced singer in a band can greatly help your development, career and well being. Once the plan has been completed you will embark on an hourly tuition each week whilst completing your music production and development.

Many singers believe if they do not perform regularly they do not need to worry about vocal health and singing “properly.” Unfortunately one impromptu performance and improper vocal belt on that high note can cause irreparable vocal damage.

A more common condition and resultant situation, however, is Vocal Hyperfunction and Muscle Tension Dysphonia, or hoarseness. If the membranes or surrounding tissues are swollen (or contain lumps or tears), hoarseness will occur. While the damaging effects of infrequent hoarseness are not usually permanent, hoarseness is a sign of significant vocal abuse or fatigue and should not be ignored.


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