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Getting a Record Deal for your Band

Posted on | March 16, 2011 | Comments Off

How to get a record deal

I suppose I should start off by making it clear that although I have used the term “record deal” I mean any kind of medium, so CD’s and mp3′s too, it’s just easier to use a general term which everyone knows. Although the ability for bands to make their own professional recordings on relatively cheap home studio equipment these days, means that you don’t necessarily need a record company involved any more to get your music out there, although long term success and rapid growth would still require one, as this would provide much larger budgets for promotion and contacts for tours and distribution, which you could only dream of without them.

For most it’s wishful thinking that you can be playing a gig in some local venue and the talent scout saunters up and asks your party band to sign on the dotted line there and then. I’m sure it does happen occasionally (well not the signing as such, but the being “found”) although like most people they will do their job the easiest way possible, so only go to concerts they want to and research everything else on the internet.

So what are they looking for in a good band, well, it doesn’t really matter how good you are if people don’t get to hear you, so hard work is key, get out there and play gigs, get some material up on the web and let people download it too, you just never know who may like it and play it to someone else.

You need to sustain your band too, playing a concert has certain costs associated with iot, you need to recoup these as a minimum, although making a few pounds on top shouldn’t be out of the question for a talented band, even a new one.  Many band members will play session work in other bands to help make a career from music, paying at weddings, corporate functions and private parties, altho0ugh this probably isn’t what you aspire to be doing, it does allow you to make a healthy living out of your music. I doubt anyone would argue that it’s got to be more fun than stacking shelves at your local supermarket!

Believe it or not, it’s said that sending your demo’ out is not the right way to get the interest of a record company, but instead to strive for media interest, as the A&R man will then follow the story, and actually find your band for himself.  It sounds a little strange, but the whole “I discovered them” mentality which goes with this method of getting on their books will guarantee that your label is doing all they can to support and grow your band.

So the upshot of this really is that you must work hard, play live as often as you can, market the band yourself and  having talent really goes without saying!

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